Project delegation visiting Norway

The delegation of the town of Želiezovce traveled to Norway at the end of May to participate in the folk music festival Folkemusikkveka in the Norwegian town of Ål as part of project cooperation. The town of Želiezovce is successfully implementing a project from the EEA and Norway Grants, in the framework of which the roof structure of the Esterházy mansion was renovated. Cultural cooperation is also taking place during the project, therefore the project team of the city traveled to an international festival with 4 members of the folk music group Sarjú banda, accompanying the Kincső folk ensemble during this period. “The event started on Friday with a seminar organized by the host party. It was dedicated to getting to know the partners of the Norwegian Association of Composers and Lyricists, i.e. NOPA, among which our delegation was also introduced. Our musicians performed traditional folk music from our region, Zsombor Juhász performed a demonstration of folk dance. On Saturday, Zsombor organized a dance workshop for local residents accompanied by the band Sarjú Banda and in the afternoon entertained the attendees with a 20-minute performance,” said Réka Rackóová, a member of the city’s delegation, describing the most important moments of the working visit. The investment part of the project has already been completed, but the cultural cooperation will continue with the visit of the Norwegian delegation in August.
Kincső closely cooperates with the band Sarjú banda not only during the project. The group will also provide musical accompaniment to the dance choir on the July tour in Toulouse, France, and the public in Železów will be able to meet them at this year’s National Folk Art Festival.
(authors: L.Levicky, R.Rackóová)