Želiezovce, October 7 (TASR) – The online opening conference started the first stage of the project Renovation of the manor house in Želiezovce on Thursday…

Želiezovce, October 7 (TASR) – An online opening conference launched the first stage of the Renovation of the manor house in Želiezovce on Thursday in order to preserve the cultural heritage and make it accessible to the general public. The city received 736,946 euros from the grant mechanism of the EEA and Norway for the restoration of the roof and the north-eastern wing of the manor house, the municipality informed. Completion of the project is scheduled for April 30, 2024.

The manor house was built in 1720, initially it served as a classic country manor, the summer residence of the Esterházy family. The four-winged building with an inner courtyard, originally a Baroque building, was rebuilt in the Classicist style in the 19th century. It is currently in a desolate state and is therefore not open to the public or tourists. The restoration of the roof and the north-east wing should restore the manor to its original appearance using the original renovation procedures and additional modern restoration technologies.

The reconstruction will enable the creation of a residential art and cultural center and the organization of cultural and educational events in the renovated premises. “However, it must be said that the project will provide only a partial reconstruction of the manor. The city would need another roughly 3 million euros for a complete reconstruction, “ said Mayor Ondrej Juhász.