NOPA – Norwegian Society of Composers and Copywriters

NOPA is an organization for professional composers and lyricists of a wide selection of genres,  from metal, to jazz, film music to rock and pop music. 

NOPAs mission is to support and help push Norwegian music, composers and songwriters and  to create a common ground and meeting places for composers and songwriters. They also  work to improve and protect copyright and help create a healthy economic environments for  composers and songwriters.  

They work for better diversity in all matters; in boards and committees, in delivery of grants,  on stage and in the administration. 

Some facts about their members: 

NOPA has more than 1.300 members

• Approximately 306 connected composers in their network. 

• The proportion of women amongst the members is currently 25% and growing fast.  42% under 40 is women. 

• NOPA represents 136 honorary positions in Norwegian Cultural life. 48% are women.

Services and activities for members: 

• Grants, juridical and economical advices, flats for residencies in Berlin, London, and  France 

• Seminars, workshops, mentorship and professional network 

International cooperation: 

• NOPA is a part of an international network in the Nordic countries called Nordic  Popular Authors Union 

• NOPA is a member of ECSA European Composer and Songwriter Alliance 

• With this project NOPA will make strong cooperation and exchange of experiences  with their project partner in Slovakia 

• The project provides an opportunity for NOPA members to exchange experiences with  their European colleagues You can read more about NOPA and cooperation with NOPA here.

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